CRDF Rootstock Field Day

The CRDF Rootstock Field Day will begin at 9:30 a.m. The field trial at Peace River Packing Company consists of one common Valencia clone on the following rootstocks: US-812, US-897, US-942, UFR-2, UFR-3, UFR-4, UFR-16, and Carrizo. This site is one of the large multi-location, replicated, three year old trials of Valencia on six candidate HLB-tolerant rootstocks compared to standard trees on US-812. Other locations are on the Ridge (Blumberg) and Flatwoods (LaBelle). Horticultural performance will be discussed along with the distribution of summary data and maps. Attendees will be free to explore the location. Drs. Jude Grosser and Kim Bowman will be speaking. There will be one CEU in crop management for CCAs. For more information, please contact Chris Oswalt, 863-519-1052,


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